June 26th - 28th


Join Leaders Worldwide for Church Growth Knowledge and Spiritual Empowerment!

Connect with pastors, church planters, and ministry leaders from around the world to empower and fortify the body of Christ for growth and revival. Learn strategies for creating a rapidly growing church while being regenerated and gaining new vision for your ministry!

Conference Speakers

This is a line-up you won't want to miss! Visionary Voices: Leading the Way Forward

Marco Garcia

Founder of The Way World Outreach, founded in 2004. The Way World outreach has been established as one of the most impactful organizations in California and the World at Large. Many years of experience in church growth and church planting and now leads one of the largest multi-campus churches in his region.

Vlad Savchuk

One of the top Christian influencers in the world with over 1.39 million YouTube subscribers, lead pastor of Hungry Generation Church, keynote speaker, and accomplished author. And was featured in “Come Out in Jesus Name”

Mike Signorelli

One of the most recognized deliverance ministers in the nation, lead pastor of V1 Church, training thousands to help others get set free through Breakers School of Ministry, reaches over 5 million people monthly, produced “The Domino Revival” and was featured in “Come Out In Jesus Name”.

Dominic Russo

Has successfully sent thousands of people on life-transforming missions experiences, successfully organizing large-scale outreaches in dozens of countries around the world.

Robert Cuencas

Co-founding Pastor of The Way World Outreach, evangelist and church planter. The Way World outreach has been established as one of the most impactful organizations in California and the World at Large.

Hector LaMarque

One of the most successful National Sales Directors in history with a specialty in developing successful money-making leaders. He has 16,000 agents under him. Net worth of $100 million.

Life-Changing Workshop Sessions

Join us for a lineup of workshops at our conference, designed to equip you with practical skills and strategies for effective ministry and outreach.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from leading experts and enhance your ministry’s effectiveness.

VIP Experience

VIP Experience

Join A LIVE Podcast!

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to join a LIVE Podcast featuring some of the world's leading Christian Influencers! Get exposed to new knowledge and come together to hear from the Lord.

  • Entry to 1 podcast interview (of choice)

  • Preferred seating for all sessions

  • Early entry to anniversary service (evening session)

  • Grow and enjoy the full experience

Conference Schedule



Growth Conference Day 1

4:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Growth Conference Day 2

8:00 am - 9:00 pm



Growth Conference Day 3

8:00 am - 9:00 pm



TGR Masterclass Day 2

9:00 am - 4:00 pm Lockwood's Ranch

Learn from Leaders: Leading with Experience

Join us for an inspiring lineup of workshops led by industry leaders who have honed their expertise through years of trial and error. Learn from their experiences and gain invaluable insights into effective marketing strategies, volunteer management, deliverance processes, online platform building, disciple-making, and outreach ministry. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and drive your ministry’s success with proven techniques and practical advice from the best in the field.

What You'll Learn!

Our workshops will contain the following subjects.

Effective Church Marketing Strategies To Increase Attendance

How to Build a Volunteer Base for a Mega-Church

The Step-by-Step Process for Effective Deliverance

Exponential Growth through Disciple-Making

How to Build an Effective Outreach Ministry

Building an Online Platform that Reaches a Global Audience

Prepare to be Transformed at Our Event

Where every moment is designed to elevate your skills, ignite your passions, and propel you toward growth. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will empower you to reach new heights and expose you to new knowledge.


Stadium Seating


  • Seating at Rear of Auditorium in a Stadium Seat

  • Access To Conference

  • Breakout Sessions

General Seating


  • Main Floor Seating at Rear of Auditorium

  • Access To Conference

  • Breakout Sessions

Preferred Seating


  • Main Floor Seating

  • Access To Conference

  • Breakout Sessions

VIP Experience


  • Preferred Seating for All Sessions

  • Early Entry for Evening Sessions

  • One Podcast Sit-In Session

Grow (2 Days)

  • 1 Day at John Shin's Mega-Mansion in Calabasas, CA

  • 1 Day at Lockwood's Ranch in Frazier Park, CA

  • 2 Days Of Breakfast & Lunch

  • 2 Days Of Training & Activities

  • 2 Reels For Your Social Media

  • Network Like Crazy!


Where will the event be located?

The Way World Outreach

4680 Hallmark Parkway San Bernardino, CA 92407

Do you offer refunds if plans change?

We DO NOT offer refunds but if for some reason you can’t attend the event we do allow transfer of admissions to a future event within 1 year.

Can I purchase multiple tickets at once?

Tickets are purchased one at a time.

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